Our Company and Team

At Innovative Marketing and Publishing Inc, we guarantee you a memorable experience with professional staff and affordable products that will supersede your expectations.

Our staff has over 45 years of experience combined in the marketing and publishing industry both locally and internationally. This has fostered our commitment to premium quality, which, within just two years, has become one of our best trademarks.

Our company keeps itself fresh and innovative, which allows us to create effective marketing solutions and products to the highest satisfaction of our customers. In addition, we have strategically fashioned our brand to bring you prompt and reliable services, which guarantees fast turn-around time. As such, we work flexible hours to suit your demands and ensure deadlines are met.

We guarantee that our outputs will also solidify your relationship with your customers, thereby taking your business a step further by reinvigorating your brand’s image.

We look forward to serving you with distinction and encourage your feedback at all times. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


A Word From Our Founder


Teshawna-LallTeshawna Lall, MBA

- Director and Founder, Innovative Marketing and Publishing Inc

Thank you for taking time to peruse our Company’s Profile. We are thrilled that you have taken an interest in our vast services. For over 15 years, I have dedicated myself to the Printing and Publishing Industry within Guyana and later abroad. Overtime, it became my belief that a well designed product adds great value to a brand by enhancing relationships, manifesting in tangible results and giving new meaning to what a valuable product is. I look forward to building a professional relationship with your brand that will benefit you.